Yun Shield compatability to arduino uno


I am trying to connect my yun shield to my arduino uno. In the shield user manual it explicitly states to "short these two pins to put mega16u2 in reset mode" and has a picture showing the two pins on the uno board. However on my uno board the pins and even the reset button are in a different place on the board. Therefore I cannot go based on the picture shown in the user manual.

There is also a note that says: Note: USB upgrade/debug won’t work after this change, User will have to upgrade sketch and debug via Arduino IDE via WiFi (see examples)

So does anyone know which two pins I am supposed to short out on the uno board before connecting my yun shield?


*clarification: the board I have is the Uno Rev3 Board. The board in the user manual seems to be a different version of the arduino uno. I just need confirmation on the two pins to short out.