Yun Shield or WiFi Shield or ...?

Hi there.

currently, im doing a project entitling ‘automated petrol pump’ using arduino mega as the control system, where i connect ultrasonic sensor for sensing volume, relay to on/off the pump, and RFID/keypad/lcd to register payment.

so the next step for my project is to upgrade the existing petrol pump with wifi monitoring functionality, where i can monitor sales( data from keypad), set new petrol price(change variable value in sketches), and also auto stop(also/maybe change sketches).

from above sketches, it does show that i want to be able to get data from user input;sales (keypad) into my laptop wirelessly, and maybe edit the sketches to set a new perol price , and auto on/off the pump.

thus, i have been searching for the best board to satisfy the above mentioned functionality. may i have u gys opinion on this matter whether its gonna be yun or wifi shield, or would ya like to suggest any other way for me to be able to edit sketches and getting data from my arduino board wirelessly?

thanks for ur time and hope to receive response from u soon. :smiley: