yun sketches verified but when loading to board they fail compilation

hello, this morning I got the above issue on all of my sketches. With the note to report to this forum. This seems recent, because a few days ago everything was fine.

I have no error messages, however I notice that the process seemed to freeze up just after flashing my board. I reloaded the page and then received that message.

I have a chrome book flip on the stable channel

thanks in advance

Hi @obligator,

I quickly checked uploading some sketches on my Yun from a Chromebook, everything seems fine here.

A few questions:

  • Does it happen for all sketches?
  • Could you please upload a screenshot?
  • Could you please share the exact Chrome OS version you are using?


Tested on my Chrome Box and everything is fine as well.

@obligator please provide more info so we can support you!