Yun Upgrade - USB LED High

Hello Arduino,
Recently performed the new flash upgrade to Arduino Yun board.
The board is powered with mini/usb power supply, but previous to flash upgrade the USB LED on the Yun was always low, I always used WiFi and miniSD to communicate/exchange with Yun.
After the flash upgrade, the Yun has the USB LED high. The power does go to mini/usb but all connectivity is through WiFI and the power is a real power supply and not a USB cable from a computer.
USB LED is bright white, I never saw it before the Flash upgrade. Is this a new behavior or is this a normal behavior?

Thank you.

Yes, totally normal. It indicates Linux on the ar9331 has completed it’s boot process, should be 60-90 seconds after you apply power.

ooo is that why my usb light is on

thanks was going to ask see it pay to read LOL