Yun wifi problem after inserting sd

I am having a problem, where every time I insert the sd card, the Yun is no longer on the wifi. If I remove the sd card, the network connection comes back.

I formatted the sd card as FAT, and tried FAT32... Although it is a 4GB card and when formatting it on my PC, it only allows for 1.17GB format. This card originally came out of my raspberry pi. I am not sure why it is only allowing 1.17GB??

I don't know if I am having an sd card problem, or a Yun problem.

Can anyone help??


Well, my first thought is to try a different SD card. The fact that the PC is not recognizing it properly makes me think that it's a problem with the card.

Or, because it was used in an RPi, perhaps it is partitioned into several volumes, and the PC is only seeing one of those volumes (it won't be able to see any native Linux partitions.) While the PC can't see those partitions, the Yun can, and if those partitions have RPi code on them, the Yun might be trying to run it and crashing?

So, my suggestions are to try a different card, and with the existing card don't just format it but re-partition it to a single volume, then format it. (Of course, you will lose anything in those other partitions.)