YUN wireless problem

I am trying to understand this behavior.... I have connected the YUN to my network. I ran the "WiFi Status" example to check/confirm it is connected to "MYNETWORK"

From the Serial Monitor

Current WiFi configuration
Mode: Client
Signal: 60%
Encryption method: WPA2 PSK (NONE)
Interface name: wlan0
Active for: 1 minutes
IP address:
MAC address: B4:21:8A:F0:40:DE
RX/TX: 75/9 KBs

However when I type in the address into a browser (on the same network) it does not always connect. i.e. it appears to connect intermittently.

Note: In all cases the "WiFi Status" example does report a successful connection. However I can rarely connect to the device via a browser. I also rarely see the connection when I go to "tools > serial monitor"....

I suspected from reading other posts that this might be because the signal strength hovers between 50 - 60%; but if so I cannot understand why the "WiFi Status" example works every time


retry by the network varies - depending on the tools being used. Many tools open a TCP connection and call it a day. However some tools use UDP and handle the time out and retry differently - sometimes with no retry. Note, TCP has retry parameters that can be set programmatically.

On your issue, the cause could be your are too close to a metal object - like a pole or a wall with metal components (like steel 2x4s). Move both your Yun and computer until you get a good connect, then move both so they work best in your environment.