Yun with power supply

Hey everyone,

I’m running a program that sends tweets from my FSR sensor on the Yun using my Temboo account.

Everyone runs fine when I’m plugged with an USB cable to the computer and my serial monitor open, but when I unplug it and try to use a microUSB AC adaptor (OUTPUT5V - 2.0A) it doesn’t work anymore.

It also doesn’t work when I quit Arduino IDE, unplug the usb from the laptop and plug again on the computer. To make it work, I have to open Arduino IDE and upload the sketch again.

Isn’t it supposed to work even though I quit Arduino or run from an external power supply? Doesn’t the program gets stored on the board once I run the sketch?

p.s. I’m not using an SD card.

There are no issues with the code, but I’m attaching here anyway. Thanks!

TembooAccount.h (216 Bytes)

sendtweetsensor.ino (4.55 KB)

void setup() {
  pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);   

  // for debugging, wait until a serial console is connected


comments out while(!Serial);

  // while(!Serial);

Since it will waiting Serial port is ready.

However you are lucky since code is not working, Temboo will cost you money.

Plan B: Yun sending tweets without penny.

thank you!