Yun with Temboo - will only work if i run the serial monitor tool

Hello everyone, Newbie here, I just got Arduino Yun yesterday, I updated it immediately using the latest OPENWRT-YÚN 1.5.3 but it behave strangely, it seems like the only way I can make it to work (using different sample sketch codes from Temboo) is if I open the serial monitor tool, then everything comes alive and the sketch works. Simple things which don't use the OpenWRT side of the board (like blink) work right away after uploading, anything else doesn't start to do anything unless I open the serial monitor for a moment, its like the sketch doesn't even start if I don't open the tool, (once it works I can close the serial monitor and the sketch will still continue to work)

Some kind of communication problems between Arduino and th Linux side of the board? Thanks for any help in advance.

windows 7 Arduino 1..6.3 software OPENWRT-YÚN 1.5.3 image

Many of the example sketches have a construct that looks similar to:

   while (!Serial)

This waits and does nothing until the serial port is opened. It's useful for demonstration and debugging purposes, so you can see the initial serial output, but it means that it won't actually run until you open the serial monitor window.

Look for a construct at the beginning of the sample code that does some sort of wait on just the Serial object itself, and eliminate it. (But don't automatically eliminate loops on function calls to Serial, like Serial.available(), as you will still probably want those.)

Yes it did. Thank you so much!

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);

// For debugging, wait until the serial console is connected delay(4000); while(!Serial); Bridge.begin();