Yun wont connect to wifi

I am trying to program my arduino yun but first i have to connect it to wifi. The link (arduino.local) and neither is the number. I have made sure that my firewall is allowing access to port 5353 but the site still wont work. Can you please help. I am using windows 8,1 to do this.

FYI: I'm using an ATT U-Verse WAP 2500. It has problems with the 4-way handshake in WPA mode. Meaning the WPA will not work on this model of ATT AP (Access Point).

Using the method suggested by Greensprings is likely the way to go.

If you are unfamiliar with how to set it up, let us know.


Can you access to the webpanel?

The first time you use your Yun you have to connect to the WiFi network created by the board and go to the

Well the light on the yun board is blinking blue and yun wifi is connected on my computer but for some reason i still cannot access the site .So i will try to program the router but can be done using windows 8.1?

Try to connect your Yun with Ethernet and then access to the webpanel.