YunClient hangs up


I use the YunClient to connect the Yun to a server to exchange data. But when the server isn't available directly or the server disconnects, so after 256 connections or connection attempts the yun hangs up. Sometimes it hangs that even a reset (by button or re-powering) doesn't get the yun rinning again, so only a reflash is required to get the system running again. has everyone an idea what the issue could be? - I also have tried the nighty build from yesterday and also add the -u parameter at the run-bridge and kill-bridge script.

I'm running into similar issues, but I've found the lock-ups to not be nearly as predictable. I currently have five Yuns set up for testing purposes in my office, and they're all reporting back to the same server over wifi every few minutes.

Generally, one or two of them will lock up while trying to initiate a YunClient connection after about 6 hours. Another one will last a few hours more. Usually only one makes it to the next day. This might be because the server will never be busy and reject connection attempts if there's only one device ever trying to connect.

I've tried adjusting setTimeout(), running the kill-bridge script, and the only thing that seems to affect the frequency of the lock-ups is simply attempting fewer connections.

At Arduino IDE upload Examples->Bridge->HttpClient

then at linino console type "ps"

12112 root      7544 S    python

if "-u" is missing then patch is needed.

run HttpClient again, then "ps"

14012 root      7544 S    python -u

by setting the environment variable PYTHONUNBUFFERED dose samething