Good morning All,

My name is Dom, I am a total newbie, I have just joined the Arduino scene.

I am into Home Automation, and have recently acquire a Z-Uno board.

The Z-Uno board is microcontroller combining the Z-Wave protocol via the Sigma Chip, with the the Arduino interface and program. For info. check Z-Uno – Z-Wave.Me , site.

My question this morning, is there an Arduino shield I can use with my Z-Uno.

I know Z-wave.me, does have a shield, unfortunately, from what I understand, it is only available with the purchase of a Z-Uno board, which I already have.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



A casual look suggests that device is more of a Nano than a Uno so your first job is to see if it is pin-compatible with Nano. I believe there are "shields" for Nano, but their suitability for your needs would be down to good luck more than anything else. Your device seems to have standard 0.1" pin spacing, like Nano, meaning you can make what you like on standard perf board. If you are disinclined to do that, I would suggest you have some deep and meaningful discussion with Z-wave support. Do it soon, because, if they truly refuse to supply their shields as extras, they will probably not be in business for long.

Thank You