Z-Wave Controlled Lights

I have these little led lights in a decorative vase that run off of 2Aa batteries I would like to control in off via zwave home automation. I see this zwave me Arduino thing. https://z-uno.z-wave.me How would I fenangle this thing to control an on/off switch? I’m very new.

Is z-wave Arduino based or is it a proprietary technology?

Do you already have a Z-Wave system? If not, there may be easier solutions.


I don't know anything about that module, but you'd most likely need a relay & relay driver (or a relay board with a driver built-in). It looks like it works as a receiver, but I'm not sure if it's a transmitter, receiver, or both.

In any case, you'll have to power the thing and a couple of AA batteries probably won't do it. And, the receiver has to be powered-up in order to receive an on-signal. It might be easier to get a power supply/DC adapter and plug into a Z-Wave controlled outlet.

I also got a couple of hits Googling "Z Wave relay" or "Z-Wave dry contact" (but, nothing looked "cheap").

Zwave is some kind of open source. I’m not all that familiar, it competes with Zigbee. I need something that is powered by a battery pack that lasts a few months at least, and that is controlled by zwave controller and turns a led light switch on and off. The tea lights already have a battery pack, so I just need on off. I don’t know how to post images, but in the zwave me Arduino link there’s a pin out drawing. I can power that thing with a battery pack I think it said 3v. I’m guessing two of those other pins are what i need to connect to the light on off switch.

Meh, that thing is 70 bucks. I think my little lights will have to stay dark for a while.