Z-Wave Shield / Library

I am looking to control HA products with my Arduino. I came across this shield http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=90_92&products_id=2169 to control Z-Wave products. Has anybody used this product yet, if so, what are your experiences?

Anyone else look into this? I came across the same product, but saw the line at the bottom:

Note: this item doesn't work on Z-wave protocol. It works on Z-wave frequency.

Is that a hardware restriction? Or, do we just need a z-wave library to communicate using the protocol on this device?

Forget that product! The manufacturer claimed Z-wave compatibility to attract buyers but as soon as the first customers bought them they realized there was no compatibility at all. Although the requirements for the radio section seem quite easy to achieve with cheap circuits, actually implementing a Z-wave device requires support for the Z-wave protocol, which is much more complex, as zigbee or other mesh network architectures.

In addition the chip in this product does not feature the type of modulation required by Z-wave (GFSK).

My suggestion would be to buy a ZM3102 module from Sigma Designs (should be around $13 at DigiKey and build an Arduino Shield with that. I'm also interested to Z-wave for HA as an alternative to build a custom system based on zigbee or xbee. Is there still someone around interested to Z-wave and Arduino?



It's an arduino comp[atible board with Z-Wave support.

The thread is old, but now there is a better board: https://z-uno.z-wave.me

Z-Uno is an Arduino IDE compatible board. It have Z-Wave on board and can be programmed like an Arduino in the same language.