Z-wave shield??

Has anyone thought about interfacing to the Z-wave protocol for wireless home automation porposes.

A Z-Wave shield could be interesting. Unfortunately I haven’t the skills to design one.

The standard and the alliance behind it is gaining momentum, and more products are on the market. Big compagnies like Logitech and Danfoss is part of the Z-wave alliance. Currently you can get various sensors, dimmers, relays, heatcontrol units, remotes etc.

The Danish Electricity Saving Trust savingtrust.dk has recently launched a campaing about savings through home automation, and are actively supporting the standard.

Several software-platforms for Windows and Linux is also available.

There is a chip, and even a module that may be easy to design a shield around. Look at:

Anyone interested? (Or does anyone know about other Z-wave DIY projects?)

Hi noenoe, I would check out libelium guys http://www.libelium.com/tienda/catalog/index.php.

I don’t think they’ve made a z-wave shield yet, but hopefully soon because I have 9 projects I want to do with a z-wave.

It sounds like a very good idea. I am working in the software field, and was involved in the initiative from the Savings Trust (My Home) check out: myhome.elsparefonden.dk

I think it could be great for Home Automation in general if semi professionals and amateurs got access to Z-wave technology and was able to make home automation projects.

I will try and pull some strings, at Zen-Sys to see if there is anything like this coming.