Has anyone heard of anyone interfacing a z-wave module to an arduino? Z-wave is a wireless home automation protocol used to control lights and the such. I want to build a lighting controller that I’m capable of controlling via RF with my logitech 890.


It looks fairly doable to me, but I’m not an expert.

Modules are only $13 - http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?pname?site=us;lang=en;name=703-1023-ND

While the documentation is a bit rough to read through (English is clearly not the primary language of the writer(s) involved), it states communication with the chip is via SPI, certainly not a problem for an arduino. The documentation linked doesn't, however, provide actual programming details. It instead refers to a secondary application article which apparently describes how to interface with both the chip you linked, and another. The referenced document is "APL10312", which, upon googling, I can only find two references of, and both are in documents like the one you linked, pointing to it.

Attempted to go to their website to find the article, but all of their "support" links redirect to: http://support.zen-sys.com/modules/TSStart/

And on there it makes it sound like you're provided with a username and password only if you purchase a developer kit? I would hold off on buying one of these until you either get a hold of that document or are sure you'll have access to it, as you otherwise have no way of determining how to properly communicate with the device.

Hmm, I signed up for an account on their support site but still could find very little on the protocol. I noticed that before but didn't realize it was anywhere to download, lame.

Anyways, I have a remote that does it (Harmony 890) so i'm planning on picking up a few light modules anyways, it'd just be nice if i could control my own stuff via zwave too :)

http://www.act-solutions.com/HomePro/HomeProProductGrid.htm#series200 If you scroll down, these guys sell a rs232 -> serial adapter.

There's also a pc sdk here but they charge for it.... again, lame: http://forums.controlthink.com/t/892.aspx

I'll probably end up picking one of those up anyways to play with, arduino down the road I guess :)