Z_OSC Help with example

I'm trying to use an Arduino to take real world physical movements and deliver the changes via OSC to a piece of media server software.

I initially tried using recotana, but research has lead me to Z_OSC which seems much more useable. However my arduino (or more appropriately my C) skills are mediocre at best and the examples are uncommented. Could anyone possibly give a few pointers on using the Z_OSC library?



Actually - My question wasn't nearly concise enough. I'm looking to send OSC from the Arduino and I'm playing with the Z_SimpleSend example

I understand the mac address and ip setup part, but it gets a bit hazy after that.

A few pointers in how to send a simple /OSC/test/value to a known ip address would really help


OSC is a network protocol and requires you to use an ethernet shield. Alternatively you can have the arduino send serial data to a program on the host PC that reads the serial data and sends it out as OSC. Which setup do you have?

I've got an Arduino Ethernet Shield (running a Wiznet w5100). I'd like to send OSC straight from the Arduino over the network (if I can work it out!)