'zAxis' does not name a type

I am planning on using arduino as controller, which worked fine. However i noticed the script to turn on a led with a button disconnects (temporarily) the arduino, and I thought that an turn off switch would be very usefull. So I used a few different codes to make this thing, which gives the error in title:

sketch_dec26a.ino (1.99 KB)

Where does the loop() function end ?

You have code not in a function. Hence the error

Thanks, i didn't notice the bracket, because the error for it was the 2nd - 4th error after more of the errors like in the title. Also, i reccommend checking out the guy who made the joystick code (The links at the start of the code) as his was one of the smallest codes that were good, and i just replaced 4 numbers to make it better for me.

But really, i just made a frankenstein out of 3 codes, two of which were from tutorials on arduino side.

It is your problem. Your loop function ends here:

  time = millis();

The if/else code looks suspicious to me too

  if (ooreading == HIGH && ooprevious == LOW && millis() - time > debounce)
    if (oostate == HIGH)
      oostate = LOW;
    digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH);  //should this line depend on the if ?
    oostate = HIGH;
  digitalWrite(LED_PIN, LOW);  //should this line depend on the else ?

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