Zelda Melody (Song of Storms)

Hey there,

i got a little problem with my melody. Well I didn't really have an own melody, because I do not really get how to programm one(and our teacher isn't good in telling us how to programm a melody). So I want to programm a Zelda melody(Song of Storms) but I do not know HOW to make a melody like that and the arduino tutorials don't bring me far either. Well lets start with the things I understand: -Define the tones with pitches.h -Need to fill the tones(that were definded in pitches.h) from the Zelda melody(which I do not know)in a melody order. -Need to define the delay for the tones. ... that's it... So my problem is that I do not really know how to make a melody like this into a programm and we need to make one and tell our other class members how to programm the melody. I would be reeeaaally greatful if you could help me somehow that would be totally awesome.

LG Brako^^

Take a look at my DTMF phone dialer. It plays 2 tones at once. More tones can be added by more if statements in the while loop, and adding more frequency arrays.


I tie the outputs together with 220 Ohm resistors to a speaker - Other speaker lead to ground.

Do you know how to read sheet music? You won't get very far if you can't, and Arduino tutorials won't tell you how.

Here's a piano score for Song of Storms: http://www.ninsheetm.us/sheets/TheLegendofZelda/TheLegendofZeldaOcarinaofTime/SongofStorms.pdf

Try this. If you hook up a Piezo speaker to Pin 8, it will play Song of Storms. It uses Pitches.h so make sure you have that library.

Song_of_Storms.ino (1.29 KB)