Zero and ethernet


I need to connect Arduino zero to network via ethernet. Enc28j60 is NOT compatible.
I cant't find information about compatible Arduino Zero and Ethernet shield base on w5100 wiznet.
Can any one of you know it's compatible?

I've had great success with the Arduino "Nuy" from This is actually the original Arduino Yun shield (but can't be sold under the Yun name for legal reasons). It is fully compatible with the Zero and works with the tool flow.

And --- powering options are many, since the Nuy gets its power correctly from the Zero (contrast the Dragino shield). The Zero has a real switched regulator so that you can happily run the zero+shield with higher voltages if necessary (unlike most other Arduino parts). Or, you can power the whole thing with regulated 5v from another source (plugged into the 5v ports).

My $0.02.