Zero board dimension 62x25 mm

A customer of mine, want to use an Arduino zero. My part is to design the PCB carrier.
Big credit to your organization, but where can I find the specific dimensions for the pins and holes?
I can find pinouts, and outer dimension (62 x 25 mm).
Hope someone can give me a link...

The Zero is physically compatible with shields made for the Uno if that helps


The Zero has the same footprint as the Arduino Uno, and in general, you can program and use the Zero as you would do with other Arduino boards.

You can find (a link to) the Eagle CAD files on the product page: Arduino Zero — Arduino Official Store.

Thanks for the answer...
I think it must be an zero mrk, or something... it is only 62 x 25 mm.

I just wonder why there is no mechanical dimension in a PDF, or DXF, or png.
I just need the placement for the pins and holes.

Can no body help? I guess the arduino PCB designer, must have used mils.
So there must be 800 mils between the pin rows.
And sorely there is 2.54 mm pitch between the pins. But what about the distance between the holes and PB11/ D5 / pin 14...? mayby 150 mils / 3.81 mm.

Hi @jimsbuff

The Arduino Zero Eagle CAD zip files are located here, about half way down the page (yellow button):

Thanks Martin,
but, the mrk zero is smaller... only 62 x 25.
And I would need to install Eagle.
I just use my estimated measuremets..
Holes solely 2260 mils x 800 mils... i guess.
Ill let the customer pay for a later respin, if my estimations fail...

Have a nice to your all.

The Arduino Zero and Arduino Zero MKR are completely different boards, (but use the same SAMD21 microcontroller).

The MKR Zero Eagle CAD zip files are located here:

That is not very helpful

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