Zero discontinued in favor of M0 Pro?

So I went to order a few more Zeros from Mouser and they told me that the Zero has been discontinued and that only the M0 Pro is available with 12 weeks lead time... Does anybody know any truth behind this? Digikey's website seems to say the same thing. Sounds kind of odd unless they're updating the M0 Pro silkscreen to read

If you look at the Arduino product pages, the M0 Pro is marked Retired, while the Zero is available for purchase. I'd be very surprised if Arduino retired the Zero since the SAMD boards line are their primary new products. They have been working more on the MKR form factor recently but I think they would always want to have one SAMD board in the classic Arduino form factor.

On the other hand, Arduino has consistently run their boards business in a very strange manner so I guess nothing would surprise me at this point.

I definitely don't think the SAMD board line is discontinued.... The real question is, which SAMD board(s) survived the Arduino wars? It's a very confusing world if you talk to distributors.

Surely the SAMD board line isn't discontinued. I never implied anything like that. Their last five recently released boards are all SAMD and the Arduino SAMD Boards core is fairly actively developed.