ZERO IRremote demo

As a proof of concept, I hacked together a sketch to exercise IR remote transmit and receive for your TV/DVD remotes/devices. Uses PWM at 38khz to 40khz and an IR LED to transmit IR commands, and a second timer to sample and decode the IR receiver (e.g. GP1UX311QS). The sketch can decode its own transmissions. Also tested with Sony remote and logic analyzer.

It's left as an exercise for the reader to weave the ZERO functions in to the generic IRremote library :)

There is also a DUE library and Teensy info

Has this support ever made it into IRremote?
Since the Zero and the MKR1000 have the same processor it would be really beneficial to have it into IRremote. I tried to play a bit around with the demo code you provided but unfortunately without much luck :confused: