Zero - is a USB powered keyboard safe on the native USB connector?

Hi Guys, new member pleased to be here. Although I have experience with pure logic devices this is my first experience with microcontrollers and I have a question.

I need a source of byte data via a serial port for developing a project so I was thinking of connecting a USB powered keyboard to the Zero's native USB connector.

I do not know much about the technicalities of USB, nor as yet, the Zero. I imagine that the Zero's USB port will supply 5 volts to the keyboard which means the keyboard will return 5 volt signals to the Zero. Will the returned 5 volts damage the Zero since the documentation says the native port is connected directly to the SAMD21 which is only 3.3 volt tolerant?

I am sure Arduino has this problem covered but could someone confirm the connection is safe before I burn anything up?

Many thanks.