Zero-second startup?

Hello all, When I first provide power to the arduino 10000, I'd say it takes 1-2 seconds to start performing any code on the chip. An application I am considering requires a near-zero second startup time. Is there another sort of chip which can provide this type of operation? Perhaps a PIC? Thank you, A Mechanical Engineer

It's not the chip causing the delay you are seeing, but the Arduino's bootloader - the bit of magic that allows you to program the device without a programmer.

You can indeed program the Arduino's ATmega without the bootloader, but it requires a separate device to program it.

As for the last question, well, didn't your mother ever tell you it won't get better if you PIC it? (ducks and runs)


Yea, if you get something like the USBtinyISP or an AVRISP mkII, or build a parallel programmer you can program the chip on the Arduino directly, eliminating the bootloader and the startup delay.

Don't get us going on the PIC ;)