Zigbee full APS layer on Arduino

I've been searchings for an example of someone taking a sensor or a relay or really anything and fully implementing it in Arduino and the Zigbee APS layer so it can be a fully interoperable zigbee device. I've found tons of examples on how to get xbee to create your own custom devices and controllers, but I just simply want to create a device that will work with any other certified zigbee device, but I have no desire to get it certified.

Maybe I really am the first person to ever venture down this road as a hobby, but I highly suspect that I'm not. I just can't seem to find any examples out there before I go recreate the wheel.

I'm actually not partial to zigbee either. I'd be more than happy to do it in z wave as well. My goal is simply to create an interface that standard compliant with other devices, and fully defined so it contains the information of what it does, and how others can interact with it: on/off switch, temperature sensor, light switch etc etc.