Zigbee mesh network nodes x-ctu configuration


I am trying to establish a zigbee mesh network that will have a coordinator, one or more routers and some end devices. I have some problems with this for some time now. I have tried sending some random data from the coordinator to one of its routers using the xbee.h library, but it did not work. How should the nodes DH and DL values be configured? I guess that the routers DH and DL values should correspond to the address of the coordinator. What about the end devices? Should their DH and DL values correspond to the coordinator address or to the router address they are linked to? I want to make a mesh network with bidirectional communication. The coordinator should be able to send some data/commands to its routers and end devices and receive data from them. I have read the chapter about building a sensor network in Robert Faludi's book "Building wireless sensor network", but in that example the coordinator is only receiving data and not sending it to its router and devices. It is not mentioned how the DH and DL fields of the coordinator should be configured. How should the coordinator's DH and DL values be configured if I want it to be able to send and receive data in the network?