Zigbee/Xbee with arduino uno


So I want a little push on the right direction about my project, i have finished one of the part that was required but now I'm stuck in the next part. Please Please help me out :slight_smile: XD :slight_smile:

so now what i have to do is have some remotes that work with zigbee/xbee technology (either ready-made or ill have to build one) and these multiple remotes will send data to the arduino (either will have multiple nodes to sense the data and send it to a main base station to calculate the result or just send it directly to the sink "Base station") at say about the same time. an application of this will be similar to an audience voting system.

The problem is i dont really know where to begin. i have done some research but im still confused about how it works.

So please direct me to the right path and i will be forever grateful XD :blush:
Thank u!!

check - blog about wireless xbee arduino network - General Discussion - Arduino Forum -
and - book://wireless sensor networks -