I want to plan wireless communication between two Arduio modules. For wireless communication I have two ZigBee modules (E18-MS1-PCB modules). I don't know anything about these ZigBee modules. In XBee modules, all output pins are assigned (like as Din -pin2 Dout-pin3) but there is no pin information for E18-MS1-PCB ZigBee module. How can i assign Tx and Rx pin, adjust bautrate, data protocol, etc.

Can anyone help me ?


Hi bmkaya,

Did you manage to get these modules working?

I've just bought the same modules and am wondering how to get them to work with ARduino.

For pin information please take a look at the site of the manufacturer. http://www.cdebyte.com/en/product-view-news.aspx?id=122

Regards, peter