ZJLBTY PMW Motor Speed Control

I'm trying to control the speed and direction of a 60 volt DC motor using a ZJLBTY controller purchased though Amazon with no schematic. It says that it is a PWM controller and I take that to mean that the input can be a PWM signal to vary the speed. It has a 100K pot that connects to the board that changes the input voltage to vary the speed. Removing the pot and connecting an analog output to the wiper input to the board along with Ground and 5 volts does not work. Has anyone used one of these with any success? Would appreciate any help.

I would think that PWM is the method used in the output driver to vary motor speed, did you check the voltage across the pot before connecting to your Arduino?

Yes the voltage at the wiper went from -4 volts to +5.5 volts. The negative voltage diidn't make sense but there was no output voltage until the input voltage went positive.

Can you read the part numbers on the chips? From the Amazon listing its clearly a single-quadrant controller with a DPDT switch to change direction. There is a DIL14 chip associated with the drive circuitry whose identity will narrow down the options for how the thing works.

The only 2 chips on the board have the following numbers: (1) XL5EM1 & XL7015 (2) NE555 & A7HE40. The latter is a guess as the numbers are small and worn. Thank you for your response.