Zmotion pir sensor conection help

Hello. As you can see i am kind of new here. I have a problem. To be precise i have Zilogs Z motion PIR sensor and I cant set to work with my arduino. I am new to electronics, so if anyone would be kind enough to point me to any tutorials or schematics on how to connect this thing. Yes i tried google, and yes i found data sheet- it was not helpfull, for person, who is new to electronics.

site for the module and its data sheet.

For someone who is new to electronics, you picked a PIR sensor that is very difficult to use. A simple PIR sensor would have one pin as output. This sensor has a microcontroller inside. Are you sure you want to continue with this sensor ?

According to Application Note AN0307 (read it a few times to understand the sensor) it seems possible to use it without interfacing with the microcontroller. See Figure 2 for a simple hardware schematics. The 3.3V can be provided by a Arduino Uno. You need three 100k potentionmeters. You don't need the Solid State Relay at the /MD/RESET pin, since you don't want to switch something on the mains power. So instead of the Solid State Relay and the 680R, you could connect that pin to an input of the Arduino. I'm not sure if that /ME/RESEt pin is open collector, so perhaps a pull-up resistor of 4k7 to 3.3V is needed.

If you want to interface with the microcontroller in the sensor, you have to follow the flowchart, and the example software. This is very difficult for a beginner, so you might have to hire a professional software designer. The hardware needs some level adjustment, since the RX and TX pins of the sensor are for 3.3V levels.

I just wired one of these up last night. It has a lot of features to make it more complicated, but you don’t have to use all them. Also, I think this document is more helpful than the one you linked to:

For the simplest implementation, see the attached circuit diagram and the code:

/* ZILOG - Motion Activated LED */

int motionDetect = 7;
int led = 13;

void setup() 
  pinMode( motionDetect, INPUT );
  pinMode( led, OUTPUT );

void loop() 
  if ( digitalRead( motionDetect ) ) 
    /* turn the LED on */
    digitalWrite( led, LOW ); 
    /* turn the LED off */
    digitalWrite( led, HIGH ); 


Hope that helps!