ZMPT101B phase angle

Hi guys. is any library for ZMPT101B to show phase angle ?
I have a project that should read the phase angle by the Arduino.

thanks for any help.

Phase angle of what, relative to what?

No. Per the description the output is DC represents the median (do they really mean average) voltage.

I think not. I think a bad translation of "has a DC offset voltage". So you can monitor an AC waveform with it. But phase is always relative. So I ask again, relative to what? ... and, of what?

@aarg I believe you are correct. I looked further into the device and I found this: datasheet (maybe)

However there is no phase information as there is no current sense capability.

Yes, for that you would need two of them, one voltage sensor and one current sensor. The module is a voltage sensor so you would need one current to voltage translation circuit.

If the OP ever comes back, we could ask about that.

thanks for reply. I mean phase shift rotation.

Sorry, that is not an established technical term or reference in English. You will have to provide a full explanation.

It is not only for myself that I am asking. If you read the forum posting guidelines, you will see that it is a requirement to post all the information that is needed to help solve a problem, prior to being asked for it.

Explain your project.

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