Zombie Apocalypse.  Wat do?

I was more into Age of Aquarius… but of course another of their biggest hits is more appropriate…

Apparently, “Getting into the Fifth Dimension” can provide a very immediate escape option, also… Zombies can’t fly. This I am sure of.

"Up Up and Away" - The Fifth Dimension

(Now, even if you didn’t play the video- try to stop yourself from humming at least a few bars.
You can’t. It’s cheese, bad bad bad cheese… and now it’s stuck in your head, too.
It’s My gift, to you.)

If there is a cure, bring it.

And if there’s not?
How you going to stop the zombies then? :smiley:

Okay this Mohar Power revelation is going to help out quite a bit. With those guys on call for 24/7 service of my solar zombie defense/destruction hardware I definitely have greater peace of mind. After all, these guys have been servicing anti zombie infrastruture since '82!

Damnit! They are like 2000 miles from Seattle.