ZPUino Alpha 2 is out

ZPUino Alpha 2 is out.


Next days I'll publish a sketch that can play WAV files from SD card, at 44.100Hz, 16-bit, stereo. Just need to finish the serial command line interface.

For any questions, please contact zpuino@alvie.com


Oh sweet, I'm actually one of the few lucky souls to own a Papilio One

I've never heard of Zylin though, but as I understand, it's a 32 bit processor core that's open source, correct? Are there any distinct advantages over ARM or AVR32 or PIC32 or any of the other 32 bit processors? Other than the fact that this is meant for FPGAs.


Yes, it's a 32-bit open-source core.

The advantages are it's extreme small size (about 520 LUT for the smallest code), and also its very compact code (for same features it's roughly the size of arduino code, Zylin says about 80% code size of ARM Thumb).