Zy speaker what is it

Can anyone tell me what is this... It was in some toy that make sound like music... So can I use it as mp3 speaker fo making talking machine with arduino.. My question now is what is this and how can I use it

Hi @moaaz11
As it doesn't show the front, this has everything to be a small speaker.
You can use it as you would a small speaker.
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I will try to easy my meaning...
I want to make a hand senitizer that works automatically by arduino and ultrasonic sensor.. My idea is to add a sound like saying "you should always clean your hands" or any thing... So now iam trying to know how to do this.. So when I asked some friends they told me to use mp3 player. and I searched about this.. So my general question is can I use this speaker instead of the mp3..


And I want to know what is the name of this speaker.. Because when I searched I found nothing about it

That's a little like saying "can I use this petrol instead of my motorcycle?"

and the the answer is:


You got me wrong... I mean instead of the mp3 player not the mp3... Wrong in writing :slightly_smiling_face:

That's a little like asking "can I use this rear wheel instead of my motorcycle?"

The name of this "speaker" is speaker.

What is your electronics knowledge level?

If you don't know what a speaker is and what characteristics, my recommendation is:
Or study and learn a lot about speakers,
or give up using it.

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I know what is the speaker okay... And this is not even my question... Why is everyone getting me wrong... Whatever... I think I have said that I want to play a sound using arduino and sd module and speakers... So for the third time . my question is can I use this speakers that I shared? I hope guys you understand me

FOR THE RECORD, your question was: "Can anyone tell me what is this"

Yes, you can use that low impedance, voice coil speaker.

You will need a suitable amplifier module, something like this one will work: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11044

Thank you man for your helping

But something is in my mind now.. What is this amplifier and why do I need it

I want to make a hand senitizer that works automatically by arduino and ultrasonic sensor

The speaker is of no use for that project. Use the speaker for an audio project, with the amplifier I linked.

Yes.. Its no use... But if I added an audio to that senitizer... What I mean is saying "thanks" after senitizering your hand.. Did you get me!?

For the device to say "thanks", you will need a voice synthesizer of some sort, with an audio amplifier that can drive your speaker.

The Arduino Talkie library can be used to create word sounds and phrases, but you still need the audio amplifier and speaker.

Then it will make proplems than its benefits.. So it's not good to use it right?

It is a great idea to make a hand sanitizer that says "thanks", and it would advance world civilization.

Thanks man

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