100 inputs ... keyboard circuit-pcb?


I'm thinking about a project that would require about 100 inputs ... like the 102 keys on a regular PC keyboard.
The idea is so to use 'a keyboard controller' to have a full large matrix allready working and just read the value "typed" through PS/2 or USB, via the ad hoc library.

But, I have a big problem to find such circuit ...
I've been googling a lot, asked Alibaba and some ohter site but ... no.

What is the name for this kind of PCB we all have in our keyboard ?
I've try with "keyboard controller", "keyboard pcb", "keyboard IC" ...

Any ideas, any sites ?

Thanks in advance

PS : It seems (this forum) to be difficults to integrate/use only a dedicated IC .... so i'm looking for a full pcb with a 10x10 matrix on a side and an USB/pS/2 connector on the other.

Why not simply buy a cheap keyboard from AliExpress and use it's guts?

Because I know no device like and I doubt it exists. The market for a device like that would be tiny.

But a lot of keyboards probably just run a micro controller doing it. They just read a switch matrix and put out PS/2 or on modern devices HID via USB.

Not that hard to read a button matrix. 100 buttons with a 10 x 10 matrix. Don't foret diodes if you want to be able to press more then one button at a time.

Or, if you make a even smarter matrix you can do 100 buttons with 10 + 5 + 1 lines of the micro.

Hi Septillion,

Thanks for your answer.
I allready use an old keyboard module ... and it's fine.

But I feel inconfortable with breaking a keyboard that works, when I could source/use only the componment I need.
But I've not been able to find it...

I think it's only/mostly a question of vocabulary ...
For me such circuit/module should be be named something like "keyboard controller" or "keyboard pcb" ... but obviously I wrong !

Thks again

Why not just make one? 100 switches, tactile or otherwise, Atmega1284P running keypad.h library to read it and send button press info to FT232 to output via USB connector.
Atmega1284P has 32 IO, 2 for serial, 30 for reading button matrix.
Layout as 10x10, 6 x 16, whatever you want, number keypad on the right side, function keys along top or the left side (old IBM keypad layout, handy designing).

I don't think it's a matter of vocabulary, I don't think a product like that exists. Yeah, in a keyboard but a manufacturer puts it's effort in making one. But just on the free market as a model, I doubt it.

Here's one way to make it work:

Thanks to all of you !

I even didn't think that KB manufacturer design their own model ... (and don't release it.)

Thks for the link, interresting.
(so many sites, I didn't know this one)