12V 30 Amp RGB Led Strip light control unit with multi functions

HI All,

I am very very very new to all this stuff but come here with an open mind and a really taste for learning it!!!

Basically Ive been doing some research online at the RGB strip lights (60LED 5050 5M roll) so that I can run some lights around the bottom side of the coping of my pool. Ive been in chat with a company who will supply the lights, but the RGB control units they use are 8Amp Output MAX, which means I will need a total of nearly 3 of these units for the just under 30M of strip lights I plan to run. This is a little impracticable as I will have 3 units all around the pool and will need an excess of wires to run back to a main control unit that will control the change of colours in 1 remote. Let me know if I have lost anyone.

I have a vague idea that the 4 wires (RGB+earth) control each colour, so applying power to one wire and earthing it will only light up that colour. I also understand that these units will regulate voltage for when the lights dance etc etc etc.

NOW, what I basically want to do, is replicate one of these 8Amp units into a unit that is capable of handling 30Amps, but doing the same job. Including use of the remote.

Would an arduino be useful in doing this and has it been done already???
Would I be better off working out how their unit works and just trying to modify the components to handle 30Amps.

My research didn't turn up alot so far around that amperage...

Hope someone can help...

You can use an Arduino to control RGB Light stripes. You will need to code Arduino and use POWER MOSFETs and cooling system. On the other hand you can modify this control Unit to handle 40 Amps by using POWER MOSFETs. You will need to change little ones on the control unit and you need properly cool MOSFETs. Both way have advantages and disadvantages.


Just out of interest. Which method would you chose?

I would modify Remote Control Unit. In this case I wont need dedicated Arduino and wont do any coding, But limited to colors and modes that unit provides, and need soldering skills.

And careful with wire gauge. There will be high current. You can do it step by step adding 5 meters at a time.

Ive just ordered two of the units a 6A 22 button remote one and a 8A 44 button one just to see the difference in the units.
If Im having trouble with the correct component to replace is it all good to PM you?

I should be OK... just incase.