24v ac to 5v dc power supply

Good day. I have a 24v ac power supply to some solonoid valves. I would also like to pull out power from it to supply my 5v dc arduino project. The hlk pm01 seems nice but input is 100-240v ac.

Can someone please recommend a proper power supply module with input 24v ac /output 5 v dc? 3W should be ok. I will power a 4 channel 5v relay, and 1 esp 8266wifi module. I would prefer a module i can solder on a pcb.

In advance thank you for reading.


That may be a tough one. I would suggest getting a DC-DC converter for 24-36VDC and rectifying the 24AC yourself with a bridge rectifier and a couple of capacitors.

Indeed, rectifier + buck converter, like this one, would be the most sensible. Nothing special for the rectifier, as the 24V side should be around 150 mA only for a 3W output. There must be similar buck converters with fixed 5V output as well. This specific module has a 100µF input cap - this may or may not be enough to smooth the input, this buck converter should be able to handle some ripple on the input, it's rated 5-60V after all.

OK, let's run the numbers. CV = It ; 100µF, 150 mA, 10 ms - voltage drop 15 V.

No, doesn't sound good. Better make it a 1 mF capacitor.

These modules might do it.

Thanks a lot for all replies. I will give the module lefstin posted a try first. Will also try to build a bridge rectifier and a converter. Will be interesting and learn a lot.I give you a update when tested.

I would not build a converter, buy one, less than $5. lefstin's converter appears to include the rectifier (square component on the left).

And a large input capacitor of which I was frustratingly unable to see the value in any of the photos on eBay, but which does look like at least my minimum recommendation of 1 mF.

Thanks. I will check the value of the capacitor when i receive the module.

I checked mine; the input capacitor is 1 mF.

Sounds right.