24v input signals to be monitored

Hi everyone

I want to make something for a scenario

"we have a machine in Factory that has status tree light (24v) coming from PLC.

For example if machine stops red light will be turned on if running green light.

It has 4 status light, so 4 of 24v input signals coming from PLCs.

I want to design something and put in the Electrical cabinet of the machine that can let me see those 4 status of machine in office which is almost 200 meters away.

Please guide, Thanks in advance

Get the plc outputs to drive relays and run the wires from the contacts to your Arduino .use something like a 1k pull-up resistors for good noise immunity , and something like cat 5 cable.

@hammy Sounds sound. Or using opto couplers? Using a voltage divider 1K + 4,7K is of course more noice sencitive.

Or a bit more complex, register using a voltage divider and an arduino (or ESP) in the circuit board, and digitally send it to the office. ESP you could monitor via wifi. Serial communication using a low BAUD rate you could cross those 20m not problem as well.

Normal practice is the use of PLC interposing relays anyhow on standard outputs.