2JZduino - IC engine fuel and ignition control

Just a brief introduction to my 2JZduino project...

I have a Lexus IS300 for which I'm engineering a Supercharger system to boost output of the 2JZ-GE inline 6-cylinder 3.0L engine. Arduino Mega is serving as the engine control unit to retard ignition timing, scale fuel injector pulses, and modify the oxygen sensor output providing for proper closed-loop fuel management from the stock ECU.

Much thanks to the community here for helping me get to this point.

I've started building a blog with details that I think now has enough content to be interesting to others. I'll be posting more info relatively quickly, including more source-code.

Interested readers can find more information here... http://thedeltaecho.wordpress.com/2jzduino/

Comments, questions, and discussion wanted :) Just hoping to share some information that others might find useful.


YES! an arduino piggyback 8-)

how much boost do you plan to run?

i think with the sensors from my multidisplay this would be quite powerfull (reduce timing when EGT is too high for example)

how much "loaded" is the mega with your tasks? is there some free space and time during a cycle for some other stuff?

Piggyback is an accurate description.

I’m designing for 8psi, but that’s more catering to the limitations of my motor than the capability of the Arduino. The limited number of available output compare interrupts and timers has limited the amount of timing delay to < 15 degrees. I’ve yet to document these details and don’t have the time to explain right now. I will note that increasing possible timing delay would be possible by implementing some form of buffering but my initial attempts at doing so failed. And since at 8psi I don’t expect to need anywhere near 15 degrees of delay I stopped working toward it.

Check out my most recent post at the posted link for info on load calculation. In short there is a lot of spare time. 2JZduino is currently also driving an LCD to display engine RPM, MAP, and AFRs.

A quick update...

Code v0.1 Alpha has been made available for anybody interested. + there's at least one other Arduino community member that's following along (yay!).