328PB SPI1

Hi, I.m programming a 328PB board using "ATmega328PB Boards by Watterott" from the device manager.
ref: ATmega328PB-Testing/hardware/atmega328pb/avr/libraries at master · watterott/ATmega328PB-Testing · GitHub.

This package has support for SPI1, but I can't get it to work.

my sketch includes third party libraries that use SPI, and rather than changing every reference to SPI to SPI1, I thought that if I put "#define SPI SPI1" at the top of my sketch that the compiler would do it for me. However, the board continues to use the standard SPI pins not the SPI1 pins.

any advice?


Hi, Me again.

I replaced all references to SPI to SPI1, but also had to change all references to SPIsettings to SPI1settings as well. Now its working.