3D Scanner with Sharp IR ranger 2Y0A02

I finally came up to building a three-dimensional scanner wich uses a Sharp IR sensor and two digital servos.
Uses arduino mini
transmits tabular data to a 3D plotting software.

Here’s the link


Scan OK5.jpg

Foto 165.jpg

Foto 167.jpg

Scan OK7.jpg


Now add this to a 3D printer ...

Can you post the code please?

Hey here’ s the code. It’ s not in the final version. It simply returns position readings from the two servos and the measured distance, linearized, in centimeters.
This thing is an experimentation, infact it’ s too slow to be mounted on any robot platform (takes about 15 minutes to scan). In the near future I’ ll try to build a 3-dimensional LIDAR like scanner. For info about this, please visit the site!

Hope this helps
Have a good day people

Scanner3d.pde (1.27 KB)


Thanks for the code, it might inspire many people!