4.0" TFT SPI 480X320 V1.0 Display

Please I am working on a project and require to use the 4.0" TFT display, I am searching for a library to display video files from the SD card slot. I can currently show other pictures via the LCDWIKI_SPI library, enclose an image of the LCD display.

4 inch TFT.pdf (61.2 KB)

You need to find out which controller the display uses.

The PDF shows a 4.0 inch SPI display with a ST7796S controller.

You can display text, graphics, images, ..., photos.

You will not be able to display moving video.

Be realistic. 5V Uno, 5V Mega2560 require level shifters.
Zero, Due, Teensy3.x, Teensy4.x, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32 are more suitable. 3.3V and faster.


In arduino few TFT allow the reproduction of video stored in a microSD, through a simple instruction. So far gameduino 3, 3x, FT81X, BT81X, and SmartGPU2 screens.

In real time, some time ago, an amateur with very advanced knowledge managed to connect a web camera to an FT800 screen, using an STM32 core board (I don't remember the exact model). Here is the link to the project

Algunas pruebas con un SmartGPU2 de 3.5" instalado en un arduino due.

Un test extra