4 data lines vs. 8 data lines on HD44780

Does it make a difference? And if it does, what is the difference. I have a Mega 2560 so I have no shortage of digital pins.

If you are writing the program yourself and if you do not have much experience with the LCD controller then writing code for the 8-bit data interface is more straightforward. If you are programming in assembly language or using a higher-level language the actual code will run marginally quicker if you write it for the 8-bit interface than for the 4-bit interface. The LCD controller is so slow that unless you are using the busy flag rather than time delays this speed increase is unimportant since the required delays are so long. If you are writing code for the Arduino I have read that the extra pin mapping for the 8-bit interface causes programs written for this interface to actually take longer than those for the 4-bit interface. I can't vouch for this information. If you are using a library written by somebody else, and if the library is properly written, then there is almost no reason to use the 8-bit interface.


ok good because I didn't have anymore wires to solder on anyways. Thanks for the clarification!