4L80e transmission controller and body module

I've built a transmission controller for a GM 4L80e transmission. The 4l80e is an extremely heavy duty automatic with overdrive and lockup. They are often built to handle over 1000HP.

The controller has been on the road for several years now and thousands of miles. Yes an Arduino can do more than blink an LED.

Using a Mega, it controls the transmission in many driving modes including cruise, sport, burnout, drag race and dyno mode and can even do some logging.
A 7" touchscreen controls everything. The touch screen is also used to change operating characteristics like shifting points, boost for a particular gear in any driving mode and hundreds of other parameters. It also PWM controls 6 fans, PWM controls 2 fuel pumps and the PWM controlled alternator as well as boost control.

First question I always get is: Can you share your code? Sorry No, for liability and other reasons, I'm not going to post the 14,000+ lines of code as it's got very tight integration with the display and the engine management through CANBUS and other devices.

However, I will be happy to share parts of code or operating principles or circuits.

Here is a video of the latest feature I added:

This is a thread in an automotive board the shows the evolution of the controller that started in 2016.
4L80e controller

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