64 analog reads

I'm looking to read about 64 Analog temp sensors every loop. I'm not sure if any of the arduinos are capable of this due to limited analog inputs.
Do you know of anything that could handle this?

"Every loop" isn't a measure of time.

Depending on how fast you need to read each sensor, you may have to design a circuit with multiplexers feeding one or more A/D converters.

You will need external analog multiplexers like the ADG1606 here:http://www.analog.com/en/switchesmultiplexers/multiplexers-muxes/adg1606/products/product.html

Four of these hooked up to analog input pins, and a few digital output pins for control and you can read 64 voltages.

Don't over look the fact that the ATmega chip only has 1 (or 2 depending on the chip) A/D converters. The analog pins on the Arduino board are connected to an internal mux.

Keep that in mind when designing your external mux.

4 CD4067 multiplexers will give you 64 analog inputs.

How often do you need to read them?

The sparkfun 4067.

If 48 was enough you could use this:

It uses 3 4067 muxes