6CH Heli Reciever - PWM problems...


I’m beginning work on an arduino controlled RC plane and I’m having a problem…

I salvaged a 6ch receiver and transmitter from an RC Heli. I’m using pulseIn to read the PWM signals from the receiver and mapping them to control the servos / ESC for the motor.

I have managed to get two channels working, both from the right hand stick on the controller. I’m using these as the elevator / rudder. However the value of pulseIn on these channels changes when I move the left hand stick (Throttle)…

My only explanation is, as this equipment was designed for Heli’s, as the throttle is increased the tail rotor speed needs to be increased…is this right??? Does this mean that I cant get a separate signal from the left hand stick??

If anyone has any experience with RC heli’s and their transmitters/receivers, I would appreciate any help.

This is the equipment:



The right hand stick controls elevator and aileron (pitch and roll on the heli) and these should not be affected by the left hand stick (throttle and heli rudder) What receiver are you using? What was the heli?

Hi mem,

The post above shows the equipment, the Heli was an Esky Belt CP I believe.

edit: The Belt-CP is a CCPM heli, this thread describes how you can disable the collective interaction on your transmitter: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=852162

Thanks mem,

I knew it had to be somthing like that. Unfortunately I have one of the earlier modls without the switches to disable CCPM.

Back to the shops for me then :slight_smile:

KMD, where are you located?

Northern Ireland & Manchester (depends on what week you get me :))

Hi mem,

If your interested, this is what I’m doing so far:


easier than explaining it here.

Thanks for the update. Flying wings tend to be more sensitive to balance and control surface deflection then conventional RC aircraft. If you can borrow an aircraft transmitter with elevon mixing it would make setting up the balance and control deflection easier than it may be if you are debugging your mixing and smoothing code at the same time.

Have fun!

Hi mem,

I just ordered a Futaba T6X which has mixing so I’ll give it a try, but I still want to try and get it running well through the Arduino so I can slowly build it up into a UAV.

Hope to try both methods out this week so I’ll let you know how I get on.

You should be good to go what the Futaba. I have a Futaba 6EXA that works well with my flying wings. When you have the plane trimmed and flying well you will find it easier to substitute the Arduino stuff. Looking forward to reading about your progress.

Do you still have your old Tx?

The ESky Tx is the only one I have which as you know is CCPM.

I have it on eBay at the min: