8x8 led matrix pong help

Im having problems figuring out the matrix connections of this website and i'm new to arduino so can someone please help? I'm making a pong and I've figured out the potentiometer connections but I can't figure out the matrix ones

I can't read the text on that page, but the picture of the matrix looks really simple. What part of it is confusing you? If I were to try to tell you how to do it I would probably draw that same picture. So you'll have to explain what part you aren't getting.

The part that is confusing me is that I don't get the picture of the 8x8 led matrix and I don't know which pin on the matrix goes to which arduino pin

The numbers in the little circles that are labelled “Pin No.” are the pin numbers on the Arduino.

Idk but still not working

Idk but still not working

Wow you have given me so much information here that I'm not sure where to begin. Have you got it wired like the picture? Want to try to show how you wired it?

I mean seriously man, you want someone else to try to debug this thing with no information on what you have other than the picture of what you tried to follow? You failed is about all I can say there. Make it like the picture and it will work.