a4988 on fire

I have a polulu driver a4988, I don't know if the driver is burned i supplied 12v 30A. Can it burn at that current?

i supplied 12v 30A


It operates from 8 V to 35 V and can deliver up to approximately 1 A per phase without a heat sink or forced air flow (it is rated for 2 A per coil with sufficient additional cooling).

From Pololu website :o so pulling 30A will kill it.

The A4988 stepper driver can handle about 1 Ampere per channel, continuously. Attempting to draw more will cause it to overheat and shut down, or in a few exciting cases, burst into flames.

Don't forget to carefully set the current limit to 1A or less. Follow the directions from Pololu.

Well, did it pull 30A @ 12v? (connected wrong, or to a motor so much larger than the board that it'd look ridiculous enough that you probably wouldn't move forward without a bit of doublechecking).Or did you just connect a supply with that rating, and you have no idea whether it pulled 0.1uA or 30A?

If it didn't pull a huge current like that, why are you asking? Why is the name of the thread "on fire"? You've described nothing to suggest fire or smoke in the body of your message, yet thread title seems to suggest something....

Tengo un controlador polulu a4988, no sé si el controlador está quemado, suministré 12v 30A. ¿Puede quemase con esa corriente?


I have a v3 shield connected to the a4988 to the shield I supplied 12v at 30A. I do not know if this current has overloaded the drivers therefore they have burned. I was doing tests on a breadboard and the only one that I did not put is the one that has worked to move DVD stepper motors at 0.230V output voltage, however I put it on the shield with the grlb firmware well established and it does not move. On breadboard without firmware it does. I try to raise the reference voltage in the drivers that did nothing and one that another could if I wanted to move to 1.1V output. I do not know if they are all damaged or with the shield as well

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Just because a power supply is rated at 30A does not mean it will always give 30A, that is its maximum capability. The circuit will draw the amount of current it requires, no more.

I have a polulu driver a4988, I don't know if the driver is burned

That should be easy enough to answer.
Does it still work correctly? Then no.

Absolutely, this is a common misunderstanding for newcomers. However if you have a 30A supply and don't use wires rated for 30A you need a suitable fuse to protect the wiring from bursting into flames if there's a short-circuit - this is very important.

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