A6 GPRS/GSM module should send email

Hello community,

i am trying to get a smal project to work. Via pushbutton an email should be send via the A6. SMS is working, but i did not found any for eMail. And no, SIMM900 commands seems to be not compatible.
This is the relevant part of the code. Variables (sender, server...) were already created.
Anybody any experiences with the A6 and email?

Thanks Thomas

                                                             //Function used to send a Mail
void Send_MAIL () {
Serial.println("Selection format message Mail");

A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPSRV=\"%s\",%s", smtp_server, smtp_port);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPAUTH=1,\"%s\",\"%s\"", smtp_user_name, smtp_password);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPFROM=\"%s\",\"%s\"", sender_address, sender_name);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPRCPT=,0,\"%s\",\"%s\"", to_address, to_name);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPSUB=\"%s\"", subject);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPBODY=\"%s\"", body);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+CGSOCKCONT=1,\"IP\",\"%s\"", apn);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
A6GSM.println("AT+CGSOCKAUTH=1,1,\"%s\",\"%s\"", user_name, password);
A6GSM.println("OK", 2000);
answer = A6GSM.println("AT+SMTPSEND", "+SMTP: SUCCESS", 60000);
if (answer == 1)
else {Serial.println("Error");         

You should provide the necessary information! You forgot to provide a link to the used hardware. Not every A6 GSM module is able to understand your "Mail" AT commands.

Oh sorry,

i thought the A6 modules are more or less the same. This is the description of the module:

Description: This is professional version serial GSM / GPRS core development board based on GPRS A6 module. It supports dual-band GSM/GPRS network, available for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission. The board features compact size and low current consumption.
With power saving technique, the current consumption is as low as 3mA in sleep mode. It communicates with microcontroller via UART port, supports command including GSM 07.07, GSM 07.05 and Ai-Thinker enhanced AT Commands.


  • Working frequency: quad-band network, 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
  • Working voltage: 4.8-9VDC(On-board voltage regulator circuit supply power for A6 module)
  • Working Current: maximum of 2A
  • Sleep Current: 5mA
  • Onboard Micro SIM card holder, you can install Micro SIM card
  • Onboard Micro USB interface for external power supply
  • Communication Interface: TTL serial port / RS232 serial port
  • Baud rate: 115200bps and it can also be set by AT command.
  • Interface logic voltage: 3.3V - Make and answer phone calls using a headset and electret microphone.
  • Send and receive SMS messages.
  • Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.) .
  • Be used to test the Ai-Thinker GPRS A6 module
  • Pin pitch: 2.54mm
  • Onboard antenna interface: SMA and IPX About the Antenna:
  • Suitable for SIM800L GSM modules / Arduino SIM900 GPRS Shield
  • Frequency: 780MHz ~ 960MHz 、1710MHz ~ 2170MHz
  • Antenna gain: +2.0 ± 0.7 dBi @ 880 MHz, +2.0 ± 0.7 dBi @ 1800 MHz
  • S.W.R <= 2.0 @ 2100 MHz ~ 2500 MHz
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Antenna interface: SMA Package
    Included: 1 x Module 1 x Antenna Model N/A Form Color Blue + Black Quantity 1Piece Material PCB + alloy + plastic Specification Frequency 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHZ Working Voltage DC 4.8~9V English Manual / Spec Yew Dimensions & Weight Dimensions 1.77 in x 1.77 in x 0.59 in (4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.5 cm) Weight 0.68 oz (19.3 g)

unfortunately i have no more information regarding the mail command compatibility.


Screenshot-2018-7-11 Wish A6 GPRS GSM GPRS Pro Serial Module Core DIY Development Board Replace SIM900.png

unfortunately i have no more information regarding the mail command compatibility.

I cannot find any information in this descriptions that your module even supports the AT commands you tried. How did you get the information to write above code?