AC Fanuc Servo Motor

hi to everyone, i have some experience with arduino and processing, i have done some robotics project with arduino in prototype scale.
i was wondering, if i have a big ac servo motor like

which are the electronic components that i should use to control it with arduino? , just like a dc servo, and if there are any, how to do this, i have no idea of AC unit so i need help..

in few words i want to control a Ac servo motor like a dc with an arduino board...


I found this: "This motor's info is the following: 6Nm TRQ, 10 Amp, 3 phase 114V @ 200Hz, Max 3000 RPM motors". That makes it difficult to drive from an Arduino. You would need three high voltage, high current H-bridges or similar to generate the 3 phase 200Hz power.

And you'd need to find the pin out of the encoder - in fact it has 3 connectors - strikes me you need a Fanuc controller
unless the internet knows how to drive it properly.

so.. you're telling me that is not possible from an arduino to control this type of motor..

Oh it might be possible - but it could be a major project - you need to find out more information about it
before committing to anything - there's about 20 signals/pins on the thing for a start - have you found
specifications of them? This is a high performance AC servo motor, it possibly has velocity and position
feedback and torque sensing etc etc - I don't know, Fanuc are the people to talk to...

What you need for that motor is the appropriate Fanuc Drive. If you are lucky it will have an option for STEP & DIRECTION inputs which would make for a fairly easy to control motor.